Helmet Camera Reviews

A helmet camera goes by many names, out of which some are called micro video camera, lipstick camera, bullet camera and so on. Regardless of the name you use for it, a helmet camera is literally a camera attached to a helmet that is used to capture and record something from a person’s point of view (POV). Basically, a helmet camera allows a person to have their hands free while they are doing whatever they want to record – and the helmet cameras are thus used in many areas including movie making, sports, military, documentary purposes etc. We have tested 19 helmet camera products and compared them with each other in order to find out the best one.

They are particularly popular with extreme sports enthusiasts. A great thing about helmet cameras is that they don’t just keep your hands free, they also do not impede with your vision, even if they are attached to your glasses. Helmet cameras are typically very small and cylindrical and they resemble a bullet or a lipstick tube, which is a reason for their alternative names. All of the helmet cameras fall into two different categories, CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) and CCD (charge coupled device) according to the type of sensor they use.

When buying a helmet camera, keep an eye open for several features from this list:

  • • Recording resolution – the more, the better, because if you like something enough to document it, you will want the video to be as good as it can be.
  • • Internal memory – it is better if the camera has some internal memory, though we recommend getting a 16GB memory card becausethat’s enough for 4 hours or recording.
  • • Recording time
  • • Can you rotate the camera
  • • Wi-Fi – built in Wi-Fi is definitely a plus
  • • Is the camera waterproof


After reading countless reviews, I finally landed on this helpful website. Your review about the GoPro HERO3 camera was really honest and in-deep analyzed so I went and bought it. I’m using it for two months now and it’s epic!






To be able to make the best possible review for several of these cameras, we have tested a dozen of them in various conditions to best determine which ones are really worth buying. Some of the conditions we tested them in are heavy rainfall, strong wind, different temperatures and we also gave some of them to a paragliding team in order to compare the videos and to see which helmet camera did the best job. After all those tests, we have narrowed down our selection to four different helmet cameras which we will now review in the following sections in more detail. The selected four are our best recommendation and you will see exactly why as we get to them.

Best Helmet Camera – GoPro HERO3

GoPro HERO3 helmet camera is our top helmet camera choice for numerous reasons that will be discussed in this section. This sleek looking camera comes in three color variants: black, silver and white, out of which the black version has the best performance. GoPro HERO3 helmet camera gave us the best results during testing and it can be said with confidence that this is the best camera for any adventurer out there. There are numerous features this camera can be proud of, but its most important one remains the recording resolution, which is the highest out of all the helmet cameras we have tested. Now we will move on to talk about some good and bad sides of this helmet camera in order to enable you to have a better overview of its specs.


The biggest reason to buy this helmet camera dons the 12MP burst capture and has twice or three times the resolution of an average helmet camera, which makes it ideal for adventurers who are serious about their passions. At 30 fps (frames per second), you will almost have a cinematic experience when recording your biking, paragliding, exploring, or any other interesting adventures you enjoy. This helmet camera is waterproof as well, and you will be able to dive at the amazing depth of 197 feet and record everything – and this is only possible because the camera has very good low light performance. Another thing that is really good about this camera is that it is shockproof, and has minimal recording distortion. This makes it ideal for someone who wants to have each moment captured perfectly, and that the quality is good, a video sharp and the colors crisp. With this helmet camera, this is possible. The GoPro HERO3 can rotate and you can adjust it the way you need it, which is practical. The camera is also light and you won’t even know it is there at 2.6 ounces of weight. Another big advantage of the GoPro HERO3 helmet camera is the built in Wi-Fi that comes with a Wi-Fi remote that is also waterproof. The Wi-Fi allows you to have many more options with it, and one of them is the ability to control your HERO3 helmet cam with your iOS smartphone or tablet.








The GoPro HERO3 does not have too much to talk about on the negative side, but we could mention the fact that it does not have any internal memory. However, these devices were built to have a SDHC memory card with them, and we recommend buying the 16GB SDHC card as this is more than enough memory to go on a perfect adventure with the GoPro HERO3.

To summarize, the GoPro HERO3 is the best helmet camera we have tested because of the incredibly long list of advantages it has compared to its competition. Out of all these features, the recording quality of HERO3 is definitely the best and if you are concerned mainly about the quality, purchasing the GoPro HERO3 helmet camera  will be a smart decision.

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Helmet Camera Reviews
133 votes, 4.27 avg. rating (85% score)

Helmet Camera - GoPro HERO3

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

Price: $451.99

4.2 out of 5 stars (1431 customer reviews)

24 used & new available from $224.99

Best Buy Helmet Camera – Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera

The Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera is our bestbuy helmet camera choice because it has a lot of good features and a more reasonable price. It is mostly recommended for recording all kinds of sports like biking, paragliding etc. It is most commonly used for occasions where a person does not have to worry about the camera once they attach it. Tachyon OPS HD is a very good choice for any adventurer, and we will now move on to tell you exactly why. Here are the lists of pros and cons for the Tachyon OPS HD helmet camera.

Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera PROS:

We will first mention that this camera has a really nice recording quality of 5MP. It is considerably lower than the recording quality of the GoPro HERO3 helmet camera but still, the video quality of Tachyon is amazingly sharp and crisp. This makes it perfect for excursions that do not include low light situations. Apart from the great video quality feature, the most impressive feature the Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera pulls off is the recording time of 4.5 hours. For a helmet camera, this is unprecedented, as most go up to 1.5 hours of recording time. This camera is also very small and light, and is therefore very practical as you can attach it and literally forget about it because you will not feel its weight at all. With the impressive recording time, you can virtually run a marathon or ride a bike tirelessly and still have every moment of it recorded.







Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera CONS:

Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera is a great value for money product and it makes great video footage, but there are several things to consider before buying. It does not have internal memory, so you will need to buy a SDHC memory card. This is to be expected, as most devices like this do not have internal memory, and we would recommend a card of 16GB, as it will be more than enough for most. Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera cannot be rotated or adjusted once it is fixated, so keep that in mind. It is meant for land sports so it is not waterproof. It also does not have a built-in WiFi that the GoPro HERO3 has, so if you need a WiFi feeature to capture your diving adventures, you may consider the HERO3 helmet camera as a better solution.

To summarize, the Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera is a really good helmet camera that takes fantastic video footage of your adventures and explorations, and it is worth every cent. At a relatively low price for an item like this you will get the majority of the features you need, which is definitely cool.

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Helmet Camera Reviews
133 votes, 4.27 avg. rating (85% score)

Helmet Camera – Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera

Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera


3.9 out of 5 stars (45 customer reviews)

0 used & new available from

Bestseller Helmet Camera – ContourROAM Waterproof HD

ContourROAM Waterproof HD is a really good helmet camera and our bestselling item. The reasons for this are good features in combination with a nice, relatively low price and that is why a lot of people bought this particular helmet camera. ContourROAM Waterproof HD is really small and light, and it has that classic bullet or lipstick look that is a norm for helmet cameras. As this unit is waterproof and inexpensive, it has a lot of buyers lined up at all times, but we will give you a comprehensive list of pros and cons so that you can compare it to other products on this list and see which one is right for you.

ContourROAM Waterproof HD PROS:

ContourROAM Waterproof HD dons a nice recording time of up to 2 hours, which is more than the average. It creates good quality video footage with its 5MP, and the footage is sharp and crisp enough to capture all the moments you need. The great thing about this helmet camera is that it can rotate, which immediately means that it is fully adjustable and that is a great advantage. It is waterproof, and you will be able to go scuba diving while capturing your underwater adventures to enjoy them on screen later on. This helmet camera is very durable and hard to damage, which is a fantastic feature considering that these cameras are expected to go through thick and thin with you.







ContourROAM Waterproof HD CONS:

ContourROAM Waterproof HD does not have internal memory, but can take up to 32GB of SDHC memory. We recommend a medium of 16GB, as it should be enough for your endeavors. It does not have Wi-Fi, and its waterproof is great but it won’t get you as far as the GoPro HERO3 which can record deeper underwater in poorer lighting conditions. Arguably, if you have enough money to go for the GoPro helmet camera, you probably will, but this camera is the best lower budget choice.

To summarize, ContourROAM Waterproof HD is a solid helmet camera that is very durable and supports waterproof recording. It looks good and it’s light, small and fully adjustable because it rotates. So overall, this is a good choice for buyers who can’t afford the GoPro HERO3 helmet camera. The ContourROAM Waterproof HD may not be the best product on this list, but it has solid reviews, consistent sales and offers quite a bit for the asked price.

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Helmet Camera Reviews
133 votes, 4.27 avg. rating (85% score)

Helmet Camera - ContourROAM Waterproof HD

ContourROAM Waterproof HD 1080P Hands-free HD Camcorder Watersport Kit

Price: $148.00

4.0 out of 5 stars (222 customer reviews)

62 used & new available from $59.99

Cheapest Helmet Camera – Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder

Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder is the cheapest product on this list and we will talk about it in depth so that you can see what you can get for about 55$ when it comes to helmet cameras. Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder is not a bad helmet camera by any means, but it has some deficiencies which make it inferior to the previous three items we spoke about in this review. However, we have chosen the Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder as the best helmet camera in this particular price range, so if this is the most you can pay, this review is for you. Here are the lists of pros and cons of the Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder.

ContourROAM Waterproof HD PROS:

The first obvious reason that will make you want to buy this helmet camera is the low price. It is hardly an investment, so it is safe to say that if you buy this helmet camera and have at least a little bit of fun with it, it will be worth it. Additionally, this might be the cheapest helmet camera but it has something that other three cameras on this list don’t, which is quite impressive. This helmet camera can be triggered to record by a voice command. Think about it, this is a really nice option which is easy to use and it can be very practical when you are out there, enjoying your adventures. It also has another good thing up its sleeve, and that is internal memory which most of the other helmet cameras do not have. The Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder has 4GB of internal memory, and can take another 8GB of MSDHC memory. It can record up to 90 minutes, which is enough for most.







Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder CONS:

The first thing that makes this camera inferior to others from the list is the lower quality camera which is only 2MP. It also does not have a Wi-Fi, cannot be rotated and adjusted and is not intended for underwater recording as it is not waterproof. The Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder is still more than good enough for some, but enthusiasts will want more and will be better off with our bestbuy choice, the Tachyon OPS HD which is not that expensive, but offers a lot.

To summarize, while Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder is not a bad helmet camera, it has its weak points caused by the price, and that is logical. It does have a few really nice options and if you are fine with an average video quality, then you will do okay with this helmet camera.

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Helmet Camera Reviews
133 votes, 4.27 avg. rating (85% score)

Helmet Camera - Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder

Veho VCC-003-MUVI-PRO MUVI Micro Spy Camera Nanny Cam for for Security/Surveillance with Noise activation

Price: $46.19

3.4 out of 5 stars (1350 customer reviews)

35 used & new available from $30.80


Helmet cameras are fantastic tools to capture some of your best moments and adventurers – sportsmen and extreme sports enthusiasts usually want one. Our best recommendation for anyone would be the GoPro HERO3 helmet camera which has an amazing video quality that will make best footage of anything you record. It will also endure incredibly harsh conditions without problems.

For a lower budget and people who still want to have a lot of options and commodity, the Tachyon OPS HD helmet camera is a really good choice that is hard to regret. You can alternate between that one and the bestselling choice, the ContourROAM helmet camera, which is albeit a nuance weaker than the bestbuy product.

The Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder is listed as the cheapest helmet camera and offers some limited options, but is still a pretty cool item for the price and you won’t do bad with it.

To summarize, the selection and the ranking of these helmet cameras is a result of research and testing, and we have went through all this trouble for you in order to make your purchase as simple and easy as possible. The helmet cameras listed are the best ones from their respective price ranges according to their test results, sales and feedback.

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Helmet Camera Reviews
133 votes, 4.27 avg. rating (85% score)


GoPro HERO3 vs Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera vs ContourROAM Waterproof HD vs Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder

  • Brand name
  • Model
  • Voice recording
  • Internal memory
  • Memory card slot
  • Recording resolution
  • Recoding time
  • Waterproof
  • Rotateable
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Price

  • GoPro
  • HERO3
  • up to 64GB
  • 12MP
  • up to 1,5 hour
  • ~ $330

  • Tachyon
  • OPS HD
  • up to 64GB
  • 5MP
  • up to 4,5 hours
  • ~ $150

  • Contour
  • Roam
  • up to 32GB
  • 5MP
  • up to 2 hours
  • ~ $115

  • Veho
  • Muvi Pro
  • 4GB
  • up to 8GB
  • 2MP
  • up to 1,5 hour
  • ~ $55